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GJFJV Simplex Indoor Soft Optical Cable (Assembly)
Structure and characteristics 
•Resilient and flexible for jumpers, patch cords and pigtails. 
Suitable for general purpose indoor use, such as routing connections in patching systems. 
Short "patch cord" cables ideal for links between electronic equipment and main fiber optic cables. 
Compatable with all standard fiber optic connectors. 
High performance tight-buffer coating on each optical fiber for environmental and mechanical protection.
Structure drawing

Main technology properties

Type cores Diameter (mm) Allowable tension (N) Allowable pressure (N/100mm) Allowable banding radius (mm) temperature scope (℃)
Short-term Long-term Short-term  Long-term Static  Dynamic -40℃~+80℃
Single-core 1 2.0~3.0 300 80 500 200 10D 20D
Dual-core 2 5.0~3.0 7.0×4.0 200~500 160 1000 300 10H 20H
Multi-core 2~96 4.0~25.0 600~1000 300 1000 400~600 10D 20D

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