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GYFTYNon-metallic strength member Loose Tube Stranding Optical Cable
Main technical propertiesStructure and features
  •Jelly-filled loose tube
  •Central non-metallic strength member
  •Jelly-filled cable core 
  •nonmetallic reinforcement (if necessary)
  •PE outer sheath
Technical characteristics
  •Low loss,low chromatic dispersion
  •Excellent flexible capability and protection capability against
  •Special excess-length control method and cabling mode makes
 optical cable good mechanical and environmental properties
  •Filling water-blocking jelly brings entirely cross section double
 water-blocking capability
  •All non-metallic structure brings good anti-electromagnetic
 interference capability
The way of laying
Aerial and duct

Structure drawing

Main technology properties

Range of fiber count   2~144
Optical cable diameter (mm)   12.0~17.0
Optical cable weight (kg/km)   110~270
Allowable bending radius (mm) Static 10D
  Dynamic 20D
Allowable tensile strength (N) Short-term 1500
  Long-term 600
Allowable pressure (N/10cm) Short-term 1000
  Long-term 300
Applicable temperature range (℃)   -40~+70

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