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PMD-B portable polarization mode dispersion testing system

optical cable test instrument
PMD-B portable polarization mode dispersion testing system

PMD-B is a testing device specifically applicable to measuring of the fiber polarization mode dispersion,developed by Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, based on the interfering measurement, principle recommended by the standard TIA/EIA-124. The advantages of the system are quick and accurate measurement, small sizes facilitating for portable use and stable performance in operation, which can be used for testing in laboratories as well as for field tests. PMD-B is a cost effective and needed test instrument with properties reaching the advanced level of those of the same type of instruments in foreign countries.
performance index:

operation wavelength 1310 nm、1550 nm
PMD minimum measurable PMD 0.05 ps
< The maximum scan range 60 ps
Dynamic range 35 dB
Accuracy 2 fs
Repeatability 0.02 ps
< test time 15 sec

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