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Adhere to independent innovation achievements transformation services

In March 29, 2013, good news for. Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute subsidiaries - Shanghai SECRI optical cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the optical cable company) two prize of science and technology of Shanghai City awarded the "responsible for modern communication cable series of high-end testing technology research and equipment" project. This is one of the winning high gold content in the field of scientific research in our country for communication cable detection technology in recent years.

Modern communication cable industry belongs to the advanced manufacturing industry, widely used in various communication, energy, transportation, national defense and other fields, has become one of the strategic industry base, national economy. Communication cable industry as the city's "nervous" and "vessel", is responsible for the pillar industries of the national economy in all walks of life supporting functions, as accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development in China, to maintain stable and rapid economic development, effectively meet the needs of economic and social information communication to make positive contribution.

Since ninety's in last century, our country communication cable industry has experienced more than 20 years of development, has made considerable progress, but constitute the core of modern communication cable technology and component technology and equipment, communication cable testing has been lagging behind the foreign. An obvious phenomenon is the communication cable test equipment market is the monopoly of imported equipment. Mainly from the United States DCM, AESA of Switzerland and Germany's MEA three companies. In order to get rid of the test equipment by foreign monopoly in the Chinese market situation, the domestic research institutions actively engaged in the study of communication cable end test technology. But because this field covers a wide range, need to condense technology talent subjects to carry out interdisciplinary integration, the process is slow, always test equipment not mature market. Optical Cable Corporation acutely aware of this situation may create market opportunities, decided to research projects undertaken by relying on its in the industry's leading position and long-term accumulation in the communication cable professional technology, talent reserve. And start the communication cable industry research and high-end test test equipment localization project in 2000.

In 2000, the company began to assume a special optical cable project of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, began in-depth study of digital communication cable testing technology, and according to the results obtained from the development of special test equipment. In 2002 the domestic first 4 on digital cable testing equipment by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission identification. The same year, the French - owned enterprises Nexans become the first user, declaration of imported equipment Monopoly in the Chinese market ended the situation. In 2004, 25 of the digital cable testing system by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission identification, the same year completed 32 test on digital cable testing system. In 2005 completed the digital cable, electromagnetic compatibility performance of railway digital signal cable, telecommunication cable testing technology research and equipment development, and by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission identification. Over the next few years, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute completed broadband digital cable, coaxial cable, high-speed electronic line testing technology research and equipment development. The research of the modern communication cable end test ultra-high frequency range from very low frequency segment to the master, a series of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights and the key technology of the different frequency bands, and complete the corresponding high-end test equipment localization work. The project is based on the technical features of communication cable products and application field is divided into 9 sub projects, including 7 sub items through provincial and ministerial level appraisal, to fill the domestic blank, reached the international advanced level. Sub project won the national key new product title of 1, won the two prize of progress of science and technology, 1, won the three prize of progress of science and technology, 2, in Shanghai city of invention patent award 1, won the Shanghai key new product title 3, and obtain a patent license 15 (including patents 3, 1 international patents). In 2011 by the China Machinery Industry Federation, the identification, the project reached the international advanced level, to fill the domestic blank. At the same time, based on the existing test technology of communication cables on the research results, research staff completed the revision of GB18015, GB5441 and GB13849.1, is currently looking for revision of the IEC61156 standard, and in a positive declaration of the relevant technical standards of high-speed electronic line.

Adhere to independent innovation in science and technology has made great achievements in science and technology at the same time, optical cable companies adhering to the "technology-based innovation as the soul of the market as the root" business philosophy, based on the market, efforts to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of market operation and enterprise management, continuous and rapid in development speed improvement and improve its core competitiveness. The transformation of scientific research results of the project has made gratifying achievements: the project result has been widely used in communication cable industry in China, the localization of equipment by the formation of the industry has become a mainstream testing equipment. By 2012, the formation of more than 80000000 yuan sales income, with about 75% of the domestic market, the successful conclusion of foreign high-end test equipment for the Chinese market monopoly. The user does not only consist of several national testing agencies, including Huawei, Putian, LTK, Nexans and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and have been exported to Korea, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other overseas enterprises. Application of this project results in communications cable industry, enhance our capability of independent innovation in the field of testing equipment, improve equipment capability of high-end test equipment domestic communication cable industry, situation make our communication cable industry get rid of long-term dependence on imported testing equipment, improve our modern communication cable testing technology overall research ability.

Ten years grinding sword, optical cable with serious, pragmatic, hardworking occupation personal integrity and the attitude, be conscientious and do one's best, fulfill their duties. Through scientific research personnel more than 10 years of efforts, the current research level and testing equipment, optical cable communication cable testing technology in domestic are in the leading position. In the development process of test equipment, scientific research personnel strictly follow market-oriented project strategy, the design principle of "advanced testing technology is the test equipment of the soul", to create conditions for the project, to create the market for professional, for the industry to create value, create wealth for the country. For years, researchers closely tracking the dynamic test, study of domestic and foreign advanced technology development of domestic and international standards, and actively promote the transformation of scientific research achievements to complete the work results. In the communication cable test field test equipment, from simple, in-depth study to test technology, solution analysis means and product testing data, optical cable company has taken the lead in the forefront of technology.

The development of science and technology change rapidly, winning at the same time, also means the beginning of a new journey. At present, the company has developed in the work of the optical cable research and equipment development of parallel lines, representing the high level of 20G transmission frequency communication cable industry photoelectric communication cable testing technology, and has made breakthrough progress.