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Good branch main deeds
Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute of optical cable company Party branch as a grass-roots organization, objectively existing enterprises, branch construction continue to develop along with the development of enterprises, construction of party conduct is the harmony within the party, an important condition for social development, to promote social harmony with inner party harmony, Party cadres and cadres wind regular, and the society is stable, battle of the role of the Party branch is the eternal theme in the work of Party building. In recent years, the Party branch to seriously implement the various tasks the Party Central Committee and the party committees, focus on enterprise development be conscientious and do one's best work, achieved remarkable results.

Carry forward the "four am" spirit: dare to be responsible, dare to tackle tough, dare to break problems, dare to undertake risks spirit.

Innovation and development company has been able to achieve good such a situation today, because have a heart qi, Jin foot, wind, gas Shun cadre team, with a number of responsible, dare to tackle tough, dare to break problems, dare to undertake risks of personal. "Science and technology as the main body, innovation as the soul" Party branch closely around the technology development for the independent innovation, the mobilization of all members of the Party branch in his ordinary job makes contribution, play a vanguard role, branch of the members is a backbone, they dare to innovate boldly explore, dare to undertake risks dare break problems, lead all the party members have research and development, production completed "high strength low relaxation PC steel strand equipment", "Yangtze River Tunnel and the World Expo for cable accessories", "super soft synthetic umbilical cable seal", "composite type of single core single mode of towed cable", "SF6 visible laser leak location system", "LCTS 04 cable frequency parameter test instrument", "six new standards for sulfur hexafluoride tester" and other new products in more than 10. And participate in the Expo building, central link construction, Changjiang tunnel construction, rail transportation, military products research and development and approval. In the busy of painstaking research work of a group of young, vibrant youth party emerged, they take the bull by the horns, heavy responsibilities assumed many important scientific research projects, many research projects won the prize of scientific and technological achievements or industry, a part of the project has achieved remarkable economic benefits.

Party member Wang Jiancai: enthusiasm, down-to-earth style of work, over the years, presided over the software development and the optical fiber ceramic core test equipment series is also responsible for the multi parameter fiber geometric parameter test equipment and optical fiber two innovation fiber test equipment in the analysis system two set of equipment respectively, made gratifying achievements in the field of optical fiber communication test equipment and awards.

Party member Gong Jiangjiang: not in the face of difficulties setbacks, compromise is not the problem before, software development of test equipment is one of the simple and complex tedious work, he often in the technical bottleneck repeated attempts to make unremitting efforts, the software development work conscientiously do a good job of testing equipment achieved outstanding performance.

Party member Zou Yelong: to overcome difficulties in the family, in the army special project group heavy responsibilities, striving for success, special cables and cable group research and development has been widely used in many fields of marine, petroleum, aerospace, submarines, and strategic missile, satellite, environmental monitoring, and many times the honor.

Recently in the South China Sea "Nan'ao 1" on the eve of the Ming Dynasty porcelain archaeology, a high-pressure oil filled cable damage emergency rescue in China Southern Power Grid Company calls, Party members and workers go to all lengths to overcome difficulties, as scheduled to complete the repair mission, be related to leadership and power supply departments of praise, for the archaeological work smoothly and create favorable conditions for the cable, the honor.

Dedication, in optical cable company post talent has become the conscious action of all Party members, both the old party members in the new party members in their respective positions on the silent dedication, hard work, Tim flag for the light color.
Improve the "four abilities: the ability for the people", executive ability, innovation ability, the ability to resist corrosion

The Party branch can be made gratifying achievements can work in a harmonious atmosphere, because due to the study and practice the scientific outlook on development and a good activities to create experiences into the rules and regulations, forming a long-term mechanism is feasible, cultivate and improve their comprehensive ability. Strengthen education management and the development of Party members, to consolidate and improve the party members, Party members with ties with the masses system, enhance the development of Party member team, formed the party culture into backbone, backbone training work mechanism of the Party member, make more party members, talent team members have more talent. Deepen the "Cohesion Project" construction, through the deepening of study and practice the scientific outlook on development and a good theme of practical activities, actively carry out the enterprise people, the service of the masses of workers, and further enhance the "Cohesion Project" construction. Every holiday party branch, administration, trade union, League branch jointly carry out rich and colorful recreational activities, such as: soccer, basketball, between the Department table tennis, badminton, swimming, sports and fun activities, "five four" Youth Day education activities, "three eight" International Women's Day dinner, all Party organizations and activists to revolutionary base Yuyao four mountain to learn to accept the education of revolutionary tradition, pay for the revolutionary cause heroic martyrs, cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs of the valiant record. Visit Lin Xiang Xincheng electric group, understand the modern enterprise gratifying changes. In order to carry out the study and practice the scientific outlook on development and a good activities as an opportunity, hard journey through the organization staff review of optical cable company fifty years and a brilliant performance, and organization to watch "for thirty years, said" the learning activities be lively and vivid fruitful. The organization of all Party members to study and practice the scientific outlook on development and a good theme activities, to create a new development pattern transformation Institute big discussion, discuss how to do a good job of enterprise system innovation model. They did not forget the old comrades in the Party branch and the administration has retired, they did not forget for the cause of the cable construction made great contributions, many organizations of their activities, established the retired workers association, association purpose: "warm and harmonious family, problems of the harbour, information exchange platform". The workers Party branch, trade union has the difficulty of life cares actively, conscientiously lasting well "double twinning" work, to persistently, the Party branch, trade unions warm to the heart of every employee. Part of the work of community party branch work, Party branch of concern and support of community work, residents have difficulty to solve, repair household appliances, visit the difficulties workers, organizing public welfare activities, with the working committee, welcomed by the community welcome. Innovation is the main theme of the times, a new concept, new method on two, three to the intentions of the interests of the masses. The Party branch requirement Party member make oneself an example, take the lead, to maintain a Communist the integrity, work everywhere in the play the exemplary role, to ensure that the Party branch in daily work status, role, as, and reflected in the appeal, influence, cohesion and fighting capacity.
To create "four team" learning, innovation, hard work, good team

Party branch in recent years always pay attention to actual effect, the Party branch work closely together with company's actual demand, diligent in learning, innovation, good work, willing to love. Advocate carry out with drive and sweep, pragmatic and efficient work style, the contradictions and difficulties in work and brave enough to face, good at resolving contradictions, dare to tackle tough, dare to struggle, dare to grasp the nettle. At the same time, fully respect the people's pioneering spirit, stimulate creativity of the masses, the masses of potential mining, condensed the wisdom of the masses, learn and improve creative ability, innovation ability of their various fresh experiences from the masses of creation. Earnestly organize party members and special study and practice the scientific outlook on development and excel, combined with current development company implement rectification measures, so that all the members by education. According to the production workshop, the overall planning of optical cable that needs to be adjusted, the Party branch and the relevant leaders repeatedly consultation rights research staff, and strive to ensure that every employee properly placed, to create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere contributions. To implement the system of inner-Party life, democratic atmosphere, the development of new party members to work everything in good order and well arranged, in recent years in accordance with the future development needs of the new situation and new requirements of new targets and development of new party members, Party branch three training party members and activists in six, with fresh blood supplement the party to enhance the Party branch of the cohesion and combat effectiveness. Make all-out efforts to do mass work of the Party branch, not to live up to the hope of the people and the urgent need to help people, love, meaning, for the people to solve the problem of solid and reliably the interests of workers are most concerned about, the most direct, the most realistic, with outstanding achievements to greet the Shanghai tenth eighteen victory party congress and Party held.