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Brief introduction to the research of key technical issues of umbilical cables underwater production system
Underwater production system is the offshore oil and gas production system by underwater wellhead, manifold, Christmas tree, umbilical cable, control system and underwater production equipment and pipeline. The system by the disaster weather, strong reliability, construction and operating costs do not vary with the depth increasing, has been widely used all over the world deepwater oil and gas field development. Underwater production system umbilical cable one very important part, the average sales price of around $3000 per metre, while an oil amount in dozens of kilometers, design, production, test, at present our country production system of umbilical cables under water is still in the research stage. Because of the South China Sea oil and gas exploitation of typhoon and other natural climate conditions, and large oil and gas resources are mostly located in deep, ultra deep area, underwater production system is our preferred method of large oil and gas fields in the South China sea.

Cable production system (Umbilical) from umbilical cord under water cable unit (power cable or signal cable, optical cable unit) (single mode or multimode optical fiber cable), hydraulic and chemical pipe unit (pipe or hose) and armoured, jacket etc.. The main function of the umbilical cable is to provide power, control, hydraulic channel for oil and gas development required chemicals supply pipeline, a control signal and water transfer of the upper module production system under sensor data for underwater production system for underwater production system.

Design, production, detection ability of underwater production system umbilical cable with only a very small number of manufacturers and testing agencies in the world, since 2009 project carried out so far, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute as research unit, the lead unit CNOOC Research Institute of the organization, testing technology to umbilical cable section design technology and umbilical cable carried out scientific research, has invested nearly 200 months, completed the trial sample approval sample and a total of 273 sets of testing, can meet the requirements of the contract evaluation index, the successful completion of the task, the Ministry of science and technology leadership and the acceptance of the expert group evaluation, and decided to carry out the two phase of research on rolling.
Research group of my son at home and abroad on umbilical cable structure, performance, testing and standards and other aspects of the in-depth research and analysis, design of the umbilical cable 9 section and the final recommendation center pipe double armor type umbilical cable as a kind of cable structure. At present, the umbilical cable design, manufacture, testing is still blank status, sub project. Through three years of study and research, and put forward a set of umbilical cable section design process and design methods; independently developed a set of umbilical cable section design software; development of the umbilical cable watertight test system, tensile test system, ointment hydrogen absorption test system; to establish a set of umbilical cable unit and the whole cable performance test platform; formed a set of subsea production system umbilical cable guide test methods; applied for 5 patents, including 2 invention patents; for the 1 software copyrights; magazine published 2 papers training; senior engineer 2, engineer 2, 1 received the special government allowance, established a design, test team production system umbilical cable a under water.

More important is, through the research of this subject that I have entered the marine engineering equipment used in composite cable the advance of vast new composite cable field, on this basis, subject group and undertake the project 863 ROV towed body composite cable. Through the research of this project, I research group conducted a preliminary field, composite cable finite element thermal, mechanical and other aspects of the analysis, and the further study. For the future of online cable industry widely used finite element analysis technique which is an advanced mathematical tools to lay a good foundation.