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Department of instrumentation summary
The wind, brings the impression of autumn, entered the harvest season. This year, we are developing a year is a harvest year.

This year, be conscientious and do one's best cooperation in instrument department colleagues, we have made gratifying achievements, so far, product sales have been basically completed the scheduled early total sales target.

Communication optical cable test equipment is the foothold of the instrument department. In 2013, while keeping the existing products series, in-depth study of members of the Department, and constantly improve and expand the product structure, has achieved fruitful results.
The field of communication optical fiber cable testing equipment: in 2012 our independent R & D and production of FGM series of fiber and coating layer geometric parameter tester has entered the international market, part performance even more than imported equipment, has a certain competitiveness in the high-end market. The British company PE, Bangladesh cable factory and other foreign enterprises give praise after use; OFM optical multi parameter testing system of ongoing technology updates, South Korea nexen, Xi'an Xi Gu and other well-known companies have signed contracts; research of fiber dispersion measurement system is like a raging fire development, technology has entered the phase of assault fortified positions, the success of the project will be a new milepost of domestic fiber-optic cable industry test technology. The field of communication cable testing equipment: with the Ministry of science and technology project "super high and super high frequency communication cable test equipment of the key technology research and industrialization demonstration", the team members are actively developed, the electromagnetic compatibility (short length EMC test equipment testing equipment, long length leakage field) and high speed electronic line (the 20GHz general test platform) plate has achieved certain results, and signed a contract with the detection mechanism of product quality supervision bureau of Wujiang. In the following we will also develop two-way test system of digital cable.
We are not satisfied with the existing achievements, expand the hand we are committed to the existing technology, on the other hand, we are devoted to exploring a new area. At present mainly includes two fields:

Design and application of integrated system of digital factory. "Digital factory" technology and systems as manufacturing system model, provides a manufacturing process information platform for manufacturers and suppliers. Through advanced visualization, informationization, intelligent, automation management, to improve the product quality and process efficiency and energy management, so that each link in the optimal state, in order to ensure the enterprise core competitive ability, the realization of design and application of cable industry of digital factory.

Application of optical fiber sensing technology in the online monitoring of power cable. Based on the traditional power cable detection technology, sensor technology and application of advanced development of high voltage cable sheath insulation system, detection conductor temperature.

We made these achievements and the work can be everything in good order and well arranged for, these are the embodiment of leadership ability, is forward-looking wisdom and ideas, advance with the times, transformation, innovation driven results. Of course, these also cannot do without our instrumentation colleagues all efforts, each of the completion of a project are the crystallization of wisdom and sweat of the people. We will continue doing what they should do in their own positions in the company under the leadership of the decision-making layer.