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Shanghai SECRI Optical & Electric Cable Co., ltd. is a high-tech economic entity integrating science and technology, industry and trade. The company is mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacture of various types of optical fiber cables, communication cables, OPGW, ADSS, pilot cable and optical fiber(cable) detector, and live diagnostic device for XLPE cable. The products have been applied successfully to aerospace craft, naval ships, communication trunk lines, CATV network, communication line for urban rail traffic, Shanghai elevated highway and monitoring systems for “Shanghai-Hangzhou express highway” and “Shanghai-Nanjing express highway”, etc., many of which are the major projects of Shanghai of the priority items of the concerned ministries and commissions.

To meet the increasing demands for aerial optical cables along electric power lines in China and international markets, Shanghai Saixin Co. was established jointly by the department for optical cables along electrical power lines of Shanghai SECRI Optical & Electric Cable Co.,Ltd. And Xinhua Metalwork Co.,Ltd, with annual production capacity of 3000km OPGW. The company has got “License of Communication Equipment for Electric Power” issued by the Communication Centre of the State Power Co. Besides, Shanghai Saixin Co.,Ltd has undertaken the State Key Technology Innovation item (productionization of OPGW) and the State Key Technology Equipment Development project, Development of OPGW for 500KV transmission line of the Three Gorge Project.


  Main products:

    1.Fully-filled, loose-tube, layer stranded type optical fiber cable
    2.CAT5 and CAT5e symmetrical pair cable for digital communication
    3.Flexible non-metallic optical fiber cable series
    4.Pilot cable and communication cable
    5.Communication cable for urban rail traffic
    7.OFM optical fiber multi-parameter testing system
    8.FGM optical fiber geometry parameters analyzer
    9.FRG optical fiber ribbon geometry parameters testing instrument
    10.CDZ live diagnostic instrument for XLPE cable dielectric
    11.CTS series symmetrical data communication cable measurement system